Moving to Secondary School

Education research has demonstrated that the transition from primary to secondary school is often marked by a decline in student achievement and satisfaction with schooling. In many secondary schools, Year 7 students are expected to move for each class, may be taught by over 12 teachers, and are with different groups of students for each subject. This is very daunting when compared with the primary approach where students spend the majority of their time with the same group of students, with one teacher, in one room. At Princes Hill Secondary College the Years 7-8 program has been transformed to incorporate the best of both primary and secondary approaches:

Year 7s spend 80% of class time with the same group of students.

To determine class groups, our staff liaise with feeder Primary Schools and consult with primary teachers. Class groups are structured around the languages chosen by students.

A transition program operates during Term 1. This includes a class camp during the first month.

Transition is for parents too…

The College has a long, strong tradition of parent involvement. The success of transition also depends upon you. Parents are welcome at the school at all times, and can be directly involved in school programs. In February, all Year 7 parents are invited to a BBQ where you will meet your child’s teachers and Level Co-ordinator, as well as the parents of students in your child’s class.Student progress is closely monitored and parents are contacted regularly by staff. An Interim Report is completed for all subjects and a Parent Report night is conducted before the end of Term 1.