Primary Transition

The information below covers the process of students transitioning from primary school to Year 7 at Princes Hill Secondary College (PHSC). The Department of Education has set out a clear set of steps for students moving from primary to secondary school and the information provided below should be read in conjunction with Moving from primary to secondary school: information for parents (parents seeking to apply for their child to move from a private primary school to a government secondary school should see information at this link).

Enrolment Priority Order

Princes Hill Secondary College is subject to enrolment restrictions as stipulated by the Department of Education and Training (DET) enrolment policy. Please see the Enrolment page for details on the priority order applied for new enrolments.

Primary School to Year 7 Transition Enrolment Process

The following steps outline the enrolment process for students in Year 6 at a Government Primary School in 2022 wishing to commence Year 7 at Princes Hill Secondary College in 2023.

All families seeking a Year 7 enrolment at the Princes Hill Secondary College must complete the Department of Education and Training (DET) Application for Year 7 Placement made available from their Primary School in April each year. Families applying with proximity to school or sibling claims must ensure that this information is recorded on that form and that the form is returned to their Primary School by the due date specified in the table above. Families applying from a non-Government School should review the DET Transition Information Pack if their primary school is not supporting the Year 6 to 7 transition application process.

Additional Requirements for Curriculum Grounds Applications

Families intending to list Princes Hill Secondary College as their preferred school and seek enrolment on the basis of Curriculum Grounds must submit the online PHSC Curriculum Grounds Application by the due date specified in the table above. Substantiation documents as outlined below must be included with the online application.

Curriculum grounds applications must be substantiated through letters from Primary School teachers, tutors or appropriate sources as follows:

  • Music – Examples of relevant documents which provide evidence of at least 18 months of tuition, within the 2 years prior to the desired year of enrolment, in at least 2 instruments which may include voice. Written verification is required from a qualified music teacher. This documentation will be followed up by the school in person. Note, participation in a choir or ensemble alone does not meet this requirement.
  • French – Examples of relevant documents include attending a French immersion school and/or formal timetabled instruction/tuition in French language for a minimum of two years.

It is preferred that a Google/Gmail Account is used to submit the application using the following link: PHSC Curriculum Grounds Application.

If parents do not have access to a Google/Gmail Account then they may use the following link to submit the application which will require uploading of documents separate to the application form; this is the less preferred option: PHSC Curriculum Grounds Application (non Google/Gmail).

Parents are advised to put Princes Hill Secondary College as the first preference on the Application for Year 7 Placement form provided by their Primary School to ensure their application is considered in the first round of offers.

Allocation of Places

Following the closing date all applications will be reviewed and places allocated on the basis of the priority order outlined on the Enrolment page. Additional information may be sought from the applicants or their Primary School.

All families will be officially notified of the outcome of their placement application by their Primary School. Princes Hill Secondary College will also confirm the outcome with a letter of offer after notification by the Primary School. Successful applicants must indicate acceptance of their offer by returning the form provided in the letter of offer by the “Last day to accept PHSC offer” outlined in the table above. Princes Hill Secondary College reserves the right to withdraw an offer of a place if the circumstances of the applicant relevant to the priority order change. This will also be the case if substantiation documentation cannot be provided or verified.


Any family who has applied for Princes Hill Secondary College on their Application for Year 7 Placement form, but is not offered a place, is able to request a review of that decision. Advice regarding the appeal process will be forwarded to unsuccessful applicants, as requested. Reviews will be undertaken by the PHSC Principal and Regional Officers of the Department of Education and Training. Outcomes of the review will be reported to families in writing and the determination of the review will be final.

Waiting List Offers

Princes Hill Secondary College generally experiences some fluctuation in acceptance of offers and may be able to offer further places after the appeals process is complete. Families will be given the option of being placed on a waiting list for a place. Any places will be allocated as they become available, on the basis of the priority order outlined on the Enrolment page.