Ensemble Program

PHSC offers an extensive range of ensembles that encompass all the instruments offered in our instrumental music program. Students enrolled in instrumental lessons must participate in at least one ensemble, with it being quite common for students to join two to three ensembles. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to apply the technical skills they are developing in their lessons, as well as learning ensemble based skills that only come from rehearsing and performing with other musicians.

Ensembles also provide social and community engagement for students, with weekly rehearsals, camp, and regular performance opportunities throughout the year.


Rehearsals are conducted before school, at lunchtimes, and after school. Our ensemble rehearsal schedule is listed below.

Ensemble Descriptions

All ensemble details are below. We recommend students consider the following information when choosing an ensemble:

  • Styles of music performed
  • Instrument makeup
  • Ability level
  • Audition requirements


Junior Choir
Led by Merinda Dias-Jayasinha
Accompanied by Matt Schmalkuche (piano)
Junior Choir is an ensemble for Year 7s and 8s that focuses on a variety of music to encourage students to sing in a group, work as a team, and explore harmony and expression. Junior Choir is compulsory for students enrolled in voice lessons and open to students enrolled in other instruments. Junior Choir is an exciting opportunity to be a part of Princes Hill’s growing Music Department.
Jazz Choir
Led by Hannah Cameron
Accompanied by Matt Schmalkuche (piano)

Jazz Choir is an intermediate SAB vocal ensemble that explores music from the contemporary, pop, folk and jazz traditions. 
Led by Merinda Dias-Jayasinha

Rhapsody is an auditioned senior choir that sings a variety of choral, jazz, and contemporary repertoire. The ensemble explores improvisation and builds on students’ experiences singing in the junior and intermediate choirs.
Vocal Group
Led by Merinda Dias-Jayasinha

Vocal Group is a 4 – 6 person auditioned senior small ensemble. Exploring complex close vocal harmony as well as improvisation, this group sings a range of repertoire including jazz and contemporary pop.