Princes Hill Secondary College Music Department offers a robust and comprehensive program of instrumental lessons, ensembles, and classroom music. Instrumental music lessons are integral to students developing skill and technique on their chosen instrument/s and the program supports approximately 300 students across the school every year. We have 17 specialist staff members who teach 20+ instruments, as well as offering 13 ensembles of varying styles and sizes to support students in their study of music.

Instruments Offered 

Voice  Contemporary, Jazz and/or Classical 
Guitar  Contemporary, Jazz and/or Classical 
Bass  Electric Bass, Double Bass  
Piano Contemporary, Jazz and/or Classical 
Strings Violin, Viola, Cello  
Woodwind  Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon 
Brass Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba  
Percussion  Drum Kit, Auxiliary Percussion, Tuned Percussion  
Music Theory  The study of harmony, scales, rhythm, and general music theory concepts.

Instrumental Music Lessons

  • All lessons are scheduled weekly.
  • Students may enrol in either group or individual lessons.
  • Lessons are scheduled during class time on a rotating timetable to avoid regularly missing the same class.
  • VCE students have a fixed lesson time during one of their study periods. 
  • It is expected that all students enrolled in instrumental lessons will participate in at least one of the ensembles on offer.


Group Lessons | $525 | Group lessons are scheduled with 2 – 3 students for a half period, or 4 – 5 students for a full period. Decisions on numbers and groupings are made by instrumental teachers and are based on student ability and needs.

Individual Half Period Lessons (25 minutes) | $1,000  | Half period lessons are recommended for students who have already been learning for 3 – 4 years, or for those wanting more personalised direction.

Individual Full period Lessons (50 minutes) | $2,000 | Full period lessons are recommended for advanced students preparing for mid to high level exams (Grade 4 +) and strongly recommended for students studying VCE Music Performance or Music Investigation.

Music Theory | $325 | Music Theory lessons provide students with the opportunity to focus on the development of their theoretical knowledge. Students work through the AMEB Theory Syllabus and/or the VCE Outcome 3 Music Language curriculum as required. Students are scheduled into groups of 3 – 5 based on their theory level and all lessons run for a half period.

Music Theory: Advanced | $400 | Students completing higher level exams can request shared lessons (groups of 2). Where there may not be an option for shared lessons, students can be allocated an individual lesson (subject to availability) at no extra cost.

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For more information about the Music Department please call 09389 0622 or email Loni Thomson at musicadmin@phsc.vic.edu.au