Ensembles are an important part of our music program and provide students the opportunity to learn and play music across a range of styles and genres. Students apply the technical skills they are developing in their lessons, as well as learning ensemble based skills that only come from rehearsing and performing with other musicians. Ensembles also provide social and community engagement for students, with weekly rehearsals, camps, and regular performance opportunities throughout the year.

As part of enrolling for instrumental lessons, students will be able to submit an expression of interest for any ensemble. Students will need to select at least one core ensemble to participate in as part of their instrumental lessons. In addition to a core ensemble, students may also select to participate in an elective or audition based ensemble. 

Student preferences will be provided to all ensemble leaders.

  • Ensemble leaders for core ensembles will be in touch at the beginning of 2022 regarding ensemble participation and requirements. This may include follow up regarding students who have selected a senior ensemble. 
  • Ensemble leaders for elective/audition ensembles will be in touch throughout the end of Term 4 to run auditions as required.

We recommend students consider the following information when choosing an ensemble:

  • Styles of music performed
  • Instrument makeup
  • Ability level
  • Audition requirements

Ensemble Types

Ensemble Descriptions


Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, and Strings

Ensembles with Rhythm Sections

Ensembles with Rhythm Sections – Junior School only.