The aim of Princes Hill’s Got Talent is to provide a community wide event where individual and group talents are embraced and showcased within the theme of joy, happiness and finding a silver lining. Hope you find the time to enter.


Category 1: Parents and carers
Category 2: Students
Category 3: Staff
Category 4: Collaboration – representatives from two or more of categories 1, 2 and/or 3

Theme for all performances

Joy, happiness and a silver lining to the Covid-19 cloud.

How do l enter?

Submit your video (maximum length three and a half minutes) via email to A list of preferred formats can be found here.

Shortlisting and displaying performances

Members of the PHGT Student Organising Committee will review, shortlist and upload videos onto a private and restricted YouTube channel. All of the shortlisted videos will then be made available to the school community via the PHSC webpage.

What sort of performance? Well, just about any….

Stop motion animationCooking showCup song
Pet tricksPaint a pictureDo a step routine
Put on a runway showSkipping tricksCheer-leading
Fruit carvingGymnastics routineRecite a famous speech
Fold towel animalsMusical instrument performanceBreakdance
Perform a magic actLip sync your favourite songShow off your DJ skills
Hand-clapping routineGlowing stick-man dance routineSlam-poetry reading
Shadow dancingStand-up comedyHula-hooping
Telling a storySing in a different languageYoga stances
Create a skitRap improvisationDo a ventriloquist act
Skipping tricksPerform a danceCard-houses
Puppet showGymnastics routineBe a mime
Whistle a tuneImitate a famous personYo-yo tricks
Rubiks cube superstar completionJuggling actPogo stick tricks


1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes will be awarded in each category. Prizes to include gift vouchers, framed certificates and gift baskets.

Closing date

Friday 30th October.

Below are the entries to date


Category 1: Parents and Carers

Category 2: Students

Category 3: Staff

Category 4: Collaboration