Student Exit Procedure

The following information is provided to enable students planning to exit Princes Hill Secondary College to do so in a well organised manner that meets the expectations and needs of the student, the parents/guardians and the school. Please read the instructions carefully and follow up with the relevant Sub-School Leader/Year Level Coordinator if issues are encountered or questions arise.

School Payments/Refunds

Parents should contact the school front office to ensure that there are no outstanding payments or refunds owing as a result of the student exit. It is important that any outstanding fees or camp/excursion payments are settled. In some cases the exit may result in a refund of fees for the family.

Return Library Books

The student should drop by the library to confirm that they have no library resources outstanding. All outstanding resources must be returned prior to the exit date.

Notify Music Admin and Return Instruments (if applicable)

If the student is participating in the school music program and/or has paid fees to participate in the Instrumental Program or has a school issued instrument, it is important to discuss the exit with Music Admin ( / 9389-06xx) to ensure that fees are adjusted and any instruments are returned.

Clear Locker

Students should prior to departure empty locker. Any materials left in locker will be used to support students in need.

Download Compass Reports

Once the student has exited, parents and students will no longer have access to Compass. It is strongly recommended that parents/students download the PDF copy of all school reports for their own use. This should be done prior to the student exit date.

Complete Department Exit Documentation (if required)

If the student is aged 17 years or less and is not intending to move to another school and continue their education, they are required to complete the Department Transition from School Form and associated instructions. This form is required for compliance with the Department Exemption from School Attendance or Enrolment Policy. Please work with the Senior Sub-School Leader to ensure that this form and instructions are completed in a timely manner.

Princes Hill Secondary College would like to thank the family for complying with our exit instructions above and wish the student all the best on their future endeavours. Please contact the relevant Sub-School Leader/Year Level Coordinator if you have any questions in relation to the instructions above or email