2022 VTAC Offers

You will receive:

  1. Notification of OFFER from VTAC ( also viewable on your VTAC homepage).
  2. Formal offer from the relevant institution. This is what you must read then do everything they ask, (including deferring if you are). CHECK your JUNKMAIL.
  3. You MUST accept your Round 1 offer. No buts… Remember you can still change your preference for a course if there is something you like better that you have recently found or if you have changed your mind about one that is below the course you have the offer for (you move it above the current offer). Remember that any course ABOVE the current offer is still active for Round 2,3,4,etc. But, most offers are Round 1 (45,000 approx, then not so many Round 2,3,4 etc). So, you always accept round 1 offer.
  4. Any change of preferences ( order, adding in another course above the current offer) MUST be done by January 20 at 4pm.
  5. If you are DEFERRING you must tell the institution. They will hold the place for 2023 for you. But there are limited number of deferral places so make sure you read the offer information and do what is asked, soon.
  6. Offers EXPIRE. If you do not accept in due time your offer will disappear and be offered in Round 2 to someone else.
  7. Please remind your friends to read this email. I do not want anyone to miss out on assistance or information!
  8. And finally, well done all! 😀

Ms Fry availability: Monday 17 January- Thursday 20 January from 10am – 3pm.

If you want to talk to me (0475963163) or make an appointment for a zoom meeting then please book on the school website. You can still use the careers site. Use this link here.

The link for all zoom meetings is below: