PHSC Contact Details

Address: 47 Arnold Street, Princes Hill, 3054
Phone: 9389 0600
Office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Student hours are from 8:30 am to 3:05 pm

School Contacts

Principal: Trevor Smith

Assistant Principal (Years 7-9) :   Seraya Brain

Assistant Principal (Years 10-12):  Jo Sayer

Child Safety Officer: Jo Sayer      

Business Manager: Trent Adams    

Manager – Mental Health and Wellbeing: Kate Pearce

School Council President: John Thompson

For student welfare or academic progress your first contact should be with the Year Level Coordinator: 

Sub School Leader [Middle School]: Baden Small 9389 0692

Year 7 Year Level Coordinator: Laura Zalesiak

Year 8 Year Level Coordinator: Ben Gobbo

Year 9 Year Level Coordinator: Shannon Hennessy

Sub School Leader [Senior School]: Dani Crew 9389 0623

Year 10 Year Level Coordinator: Chris Mullarvey

Year 11 Year Level Coordinator: Julie Anderson 

Year 12 Year Level Coordinator: Bianca Carr 

For Individual faculty information

Arts: Doug Hendry

Drama: Tracy Carroll

English: Jessica Davies

Humanities: Eleanor Horton

LOTE: Nikki Tsolakis

Mathematics: Stav Stefano

Music: Nick Taylor

PE & Health: Monica Lamaris

Sport: Ben Gobbo

Science: Elle Petricca

Technology: Simone Gatt

For other information:

Disability Inclusion: Manisha Karawdeniya (7-9) / Trish Alevizos (10-12)

Teaching and Learning Coordinator: Amber Strantzen

Information & Communication Technology: Peter Wood


Senior Pathways, VET, Careers and Transition Coordinator: Trish Alevizos

Debating: Rebecca McGrath