Reportable Learning Tasks

Reportable Learning Tasks are assessed using either Percentages or Letter Grades, using the following equivalence table:

Percentage Grade
90-100% A+
80-89% A
75-79% B+
70-74% B
65-69% C+
60-64% C
55-59% D+
50-54% D
45-49% E+
40-44% E
0-39% UG
NA Not Assessed – Task not submitted due to school approved circumstances.
NS Not Submitted – Task not submitted by 2 weeks after the due date, without an extension being granted or special circumstances.

Work Habits
Work Habits are assessed using the scale:

Excellent, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Needs Attention

Description of Work Habits
Behaviour ·         Respectful towards staff and fellow students
·         Safe and sensible
Effort ·         Completes all set work
·         Willing to take on challenges in learning
·         Listens and responds to feedback
·         Takes pride in their work
·         Proactive and independent
Engagement ·         Actively participates in class discussion and activities
·         Seeks feedback
·         Interested and curious
Organisation ·         Punctual
·         Brings all necessary equipment to class
·         Completes tasks by due date
·         Completes homework

Year 7 – 10 only

Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes are assessed using the scale:

Excellent, Very Good, Good, Satisfactory, Borderline, Not Satisfactory, Not Assessed

Victorian Curriculum
The Victorian Curriculum Standard is based on a 5 point scale:

Well above the expected level
Above the expected level
At the expected level
Below the expected level
Well below the expected level

The expected level is highlighted in yellow. Your child’s achievement in a semester is indicated by the dot.