Student Leader Reflections

Princes Hill Secondary College is incredibly inclusive and accepting community, so don’t be scared to be who you are. Being organised may help you feel more comfortable in the new environment so that not everything is new. Before you come to school get familiar with your subjects and print out your timetable. Having a timetable on hand will make moving from class to class easier. It’s okay if you are a bit anxious when you first start high school. You will get used to high school quickly. Things will become more familiar. Don’t be scared to ask for help even if it’s just something small…chances are others need to know the same information too. If you feel a bit alone at first, don’t work, as you will eventually make friends so don’t think that other people don’t want to be friends. Don’t be afraid to put your hand up in class, it is most likely that other people are wondering the same thing too. If you feel like you are getting too much homework, you can always speak to the teachers (before the due date) and ask for an extension or tell them your whole class has lots of homework at the moment. Teachers are at school to teach you so don’t be afraid of them – their main goal is to help you. Go to them when you need help, with the subject or anything else; even if you’re sad or anxious you can go and talk to the teacher. High school isn’t meant to be all stress and homework, there are fun things too. You will meet so many new people, some will become great friends. You might learn to play an instrument or to sew or paint or make jewellery. The library is amazing so don’t forget to use it! Good luck and have a great time next year!

Rose Symons, Student Council Vice President, Princes Hill Secondary College. April, 2020.

If you’re going to start high school next year, you’re probably feeling a couple of things right now. You’re probably a bit scared, a bit excited, and maybe even a bit sad to be saying goodbye to your friends and teachers at primary school. I know that’s how I felt, 6 years ago when I was in your shoes. But looking back I can honestly say that my years at Princes Hill have been some of the best of my life. Right now, it might feel like you’re about to jump right into the deep end. Blindfolded. With your hands tied behind your back. But Student Council has put together a quick list of tips and bits of info to maybe make this transition into year 7 seem a bit less scary, and a whole lot easier. When you get your timetable, stick it to the inside of your locker door. Before each period, the first place you’ll go is to your locker. Keep your timetable blue tacked to the inside of your door, and you’ll always know what class you have next. Match your books by colour. In high school, you have a lot of books; Textbooks, workbooks, folders for sheets that your teachers give you. If you sort these by colour, it’ll only take 2 seconds to get everything ready before the class starts. Teachers are your best resource.When you’re unsure about something, ask. It’s that simple. And If you’re going to ask anybody, why not ask the teachers that have been here since before the dinosaurs? They know some things. You can ask for extensions on homework if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Year 7 isn’t meant to be hell, and teachers aren’t here to crush your spirit with homework, tests, and stress. They want to teach you. If the way they need to do that is by giving you more time, they will do everything they can to help you. However, they won’t know you need that extra few days for the English essay unless you tell them. Just do your thing.Some people get scared when they start high school and think they have to fit in at all costs, even if it means pretending to be someone they’re not. Everyone I know who did that ended up worse for it. Making friends takes time, but you make the good friends by just showing the rest of the school who you actually are, not what you think people want to see. If you’re feeling worried, it’s not just you. (trust me) If you’re anxious about struggling to be organized when you start at high school, you’re not alone. When everyone starts high school, the place seems like a maze of unfamiliar classes, and half the time you have no idea which class you’re meant to be in. This only lasts a week or two, and before you know it, you’ll be making your way from class to class without even realizing it. Take your time, take everything in, and above all, enjoy every moment. It doesn’t last forever.

Finn Mollison, Student Council President, Princes Hill Secondary College. April, 2020.