Year 10 Core Curriculum Overview

ENGLISHStudents read and/or view a range of texts, including novels, plays and films, develop argument and language analysis skills, write for a range of audiences and purposes. They also contribute to class forums and prepare and deliver more structured oral presentations. Assessment is based on a range of tasks set by the teacher throughout the year, including text response essays, creative writing, persuasive writing, creation of a magazine, prepared speeches and debating. There will be an English exam each semester. Students are expected to do at least 2.5 hours per week of home study, which will include completing tasks begun in class, working on extended tasks and reading.  
MATHEMATICSIn Year 10 students chose one of three courses offered at this level: 10 Plus, 10 Standard or 10 Foundation. Students study topics from the strands Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Probability and Statistics. Initial concepts are introduced and students gain practice with standard skill questions as well as problem solving exercises and project work. Students have the opportunity to take part in a range of enrichment activities such as Australian Mathematics Competition and the Maths Games Days.  
HUMANITIESStudents learn to sequence events and developments within a chronological framework, and identify relationships between events across different places and periods of time. They locate and select historical sources and identify their origin, purpose and content features. Students explain the context of these sources to identify motivations, values and attitudes. They compare and contrast historical sources and evaluate their accuracy, usefulness and reliability. Key topics studied are: 20th Century China, World War 2, Australian Experiences of Migration and the struggles for Civil Rights in the USA & Australia. Students evaluate alternative views on Climate Change and strategies to address this challenge.  Using environmental, social and economic criteria, they learn to explain the predicted outcomes and further consequences and draw conclusions using data to support their views.  
SCIENCEStudents build on skills developed in Year 9. Firstly Biology is covered via the study of Genetics including DNA, Mitosis and Meiosis. This is followed on by Diversity of life, Natural Selection and Evolution. Students then delve into Physics covering Forces and Newton’s laws as well as Astronomy. Chemistry continues to expand on Atoms, the Periodic Table and Bonding and then introduces Electrochemistry and Electrolysis.