Year 7 Curriculum Overview

ENGLISHStudents explore universal themes, character, genre and narrative construction through set novel texts. They respond by creating short analytical and persuasive texts and oral presentations. They focus on genre conventions through studies of fantasy and crime fiction, and demonstrate understanding through their own creative writing. They actively maintain a wide reading program, recording and reporting in a range of formats on their text choices. Students develop language skills including punctuation and spelling through editing and proofreading of their own work.
MATHEMATICSStudents study topics including Fractions, Decimals, Negative Numbers, Algebra, Equations, Geometry, Probability and Statistics. Initial concepts are introduced and students gain practice with standard skill questions as well as problem solving exercises and project work. Students have the opportunity to take part in range of enrichment activities such as Maths Talent Quest, Australian Mathematics Competition, Maths Games Days and the Australian Maths Challenge.  
HUMANITIESStudents are introduced to the key disciplines of History and Geography. They examine the reliability of historical evidence and apply this skill when studying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Cultures as well as the emergence of the civilisations of Ancient Rome and Imperial China. Students study water as a limited resource in Australia & around the world and a unit on factors that influence the decisions people make about where to live and their perceptions of the liveability of places.  
SCIENCEStudents are introduced to Fields of Science, Laboratory Equipment and Safety in the Laboratory. Students develop their practical skills such as recording observations via experimental tasks, including the safe use of the Bunsen burner. Students explore topics such as mixtures, solutes, solvents and solutions and separation techniques. All students participate in the Science Talent Search. Classification of organisms and habitats are also studied. Forces both contact and non-contact are studied, as well as Friction, Gravity and Magnetic and Electric Fields. Then on to Ecosystems and the night sky.  
Sport, Health and PE
Students participate in two periods of PE, one period of Sport and one period of health in a week. Students participate various sports and activities aimed at developing the fundamental motor skills of striking, throwing, catching, kicking and water safety. Students work in both individual, group and team settings to improve skills and fitness. Health lessons will focus on resilience training, nutrition, healthy behaviours, relationships and sexuality.  
LANGUAGE French or ItalianStudents develop an understanding of all aspects of language through a variety of topics as well as gain an insight into Italian or French history, culture and geography. Year 7 language topics for both French and Italian include: introductions; describing people; expressing likes/dislikes; school life; numbers; telling the time; asking and giving dates; animals and colours.  


The Junior School Design Technology / Performing Arts / Visual Art program is a two year rotation that runs through Year 7 and 8. This rotation program is designed as an introduction to the Design Technology, Performing Arts and Visual Arts areas during the student’s first two years at secondary college.  Each subject is of semester duration (half year) for three semesters. The fourth semester (Year 8 Semester 2) is elective based and students will have an opportunity to select their subjects. Over the two years in junior school students will experience working in most of the following areas: Ceramics, 2D Art, 3D Art (Sculpture), Printmaking, Photography, Visual Communication Design, Photography, Wood, Metal, Textiles, Food, Glass, Drama and Music.