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A message from the PHSC student community about tolerance and diversity in the wake of the Orlando Shootings

Princes Hill Secondary College is the centre of a vibrant community of parents, students and teachers. All play an active part in the daily life, decisions and programs of the school. It is a community united by a shared belief in the importance of the following values:

Community: belonging together and caring for each other
Diversity: respecting and valuing individual and cultural difference

Social Responsibility: a passionate commitment to ethical and socially just action

Creativity: nurturing a spirit of innovative inquiry and expression

Achievement: striving to set and reach challenging personal goals

Self-reliance: the self-discipline and resilience required to achieve these goals.
These values are expressed in the following comment about the Orlando Shootings written by Year 12 Bel Matthews.
The bullets fired at 2am on Sunday, but the trigger was pulled long before Pulse nightclub even opened. The gun was loaded with hate from the words of a society that does not recognize the LGBTQI+ community as equal citizens, with equal rights.
The discriminatory shots were set in their trajectory years before any of the Orlando Massacre victims were even born. ISIS has claimed credit for this hate crime, but 181 of 196 countries around the world still do not recognise same-sex marriage. Those bullets were the echoes of a multicultural oppression of the LGBTQI+ community.
No one specific group can truly be blamed for this hate crime. There is international, cross-cultural discrimination against those who identify as LGBTQI+ pervading our planet; systematically causing, and perpetuating hate crimes, hate thoughts, and resulting in a hateful society.
Hate crimes do not take place in a vacuum. Homophobia and transphobia do not exist in a vacuum. They are the product of discriminatory social norms, environments, attitudes, and legislation. They are a product of the words we hear, and the words we speak. Bullets are aimed to silence. But we will not be silenced.
Those bullets were fired to silence a community that fights every day to be heard. That fights every day to be afforded equal human rights. Those bullets were fired out of a fear that such voices were being heard. Those bullets were destined to boomerang back with the force of our words, our solidarity, and our pride. Pride of acceptance, and hope for a society that is all-inclusive.
The Princes Hill Secondary College student body would like to express our deepest condolences and sorrows to the LGBTQI+ community and all those affected by the Orlando tragedy over the weekend. We encourage the school community to lend an ear to the voices of the silenced, to offer a shoulder to the fatigued bodies, from waging this war of independence, and equality. We encourage the school community to show their support, use their own voices, and stand up against the backlash that has arisen, perhaps from our success in this fight for equal rights. Let us continue the fight, together raising our voices louder than any gunshot could.
This Thursday, the 16th of June, we encourage students and community members to wear rainbow colours as a statement of solidarity with the LGBTQI+ community; to show our support and to raise awareness for this discriminatory tragedy.
Our hearts quiver for the lives and liberty lost, as we paint ourselves with each colour of individuality, but celebrate the unity of the rainbow.
Bel Matthews (on behalf of the Student Leadership Council)
The Student Leadership Group have organised a 'Rainbow Day' for June 16.6.16 in remembrance of victims and their families and in solidarity with the LGBTIQ community.

Keep Khulan Here


For the past two years Khulan Onalbaatar has been a much loved member of our school community. Scholastically, she is an outstanding student and highly respected for her engagement with our community and the relationships she has been able to build with staff and students alike. Tragically, now when she has almost completed her VCE, Khulan may be forced to leave Australia and go back to Mongolia as her mother’s Australian Aid study visa is due to expire shortly, meaning that Khulan will be then regarded as an international fee paying student forced to provide some $7000 to cover the “costs” of her final few months of schooling in Australia. Students and staff are not prepared to allow this travesty to occur and have commenced a fund raising program to meet the fee costs for Khulan.

Khulan would like to finish her VCE here in 2016. She only has six months to go. We, at Princes Hill Secondary College, would like to support her in this wish. Khulan is keen to study at tertiary level in Australia too - in science and maths. We have suggested she apply for an international student visa 571 from August 1 so she can continue at PHSC to complete her Year 12 VCE. The family are not able to meet the almost $7000 fee for half the year. The PHSC Student Leadership Council wants to help Khulan out.

We are deeply concerned about Khulan's predicament and believe it would be a tragedy for her not to finish her VCE studies this year.  We are desperately trying to find ways to raise enough money to meet the costs of Khulan's final months of schooling. Our Student Leadership Council have already begun working on a range of projects to assist Including a fundraising barbeque which raised over $290 to get the ball rolling. Efforts are underway to secure sholarships or some other form of sponsorship and staff will be approached to make a financial contribution. We are also hopeful that parents may also be able to make a contribution through our office.

Donations can made by BPAY, Debit/Credit Card (in person or over the phone - 9389 0600), EFTPOS, Cash or Cheque.

If payment is made via BPAY we will not know where to allocate your funds, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your students name and ‘donation for Khulan’ so as we apply the credit accurately.

Yours sincerely

Grant McMurdo, Andy Kemp and the Student Leadership Council


Trivia Night


Wondering about coming to our second annual school-themed trivia night?

Don't ponder too long- after last year's success, this one is bound to sell out! Our incredible hosts, Chris Keogh and Kate Rice, are back for an encore performance and will once again teach
us a thing or two... This year we'll have a bar, so don't worry about bringing anything other than your wallet and your thinking cap. Included in the ticket price is a gourmet food platter and a glass
you can take home. There will also be hot food available at the bar. Dig out an old school tie or other school-related apparel to wear, if you're so inclined. Prizes and gold stars will be awarded.
Tickets are only available via Eventbrite.


Prospective parents and students: 2017 Year 7 entry

Enrolment information can be found here.


PHSC Musicians raid South Australia, bring home silverware

Last week the finest Jazz musicians from Princes Hill Secondary College journeyed to the annual Generations In Jazz festival in Mt Gambier, South Australia. One of the College Vocal ensembles managed to take out 1st place in division 1. This is the second time PHSC has won this competition and the accompanying $3000 prize money, the only school to have done so. All groups who performed were wonderful and an amazing experience was had by all. If you see the following students around please congratulate them.


Gretta Ray, Grace Robinson, Ben van rijn, Nick Harrington, Matilda pungitore, Eleanor Smith. Also a big congratulations to Miriam Crellin who has led this group to their success.




Congratulations to Princes Hill Secondary College student Brigit Maher (Year 12, 2015) on being selected to show her Studio Arts folio work in the TOPshots! exhibition at the Monash Gallery of Art.


Brigit’s work, Teenagers in their Bedrooms, is an intimate series of portraits that explores adolescence, identity and place. 

Throughout my folio I have explored how our surrounding and environment can reflect and shape our personalities…  We are constantly evolving and changing, especially as young adults and these

photos provide a real insight into the lives of adolescents... The photos are quite intimate and the personal construction of their surrounding environments reveals much about the subject.


The TOPshots! exhibition showcases the best photomedia from the VCE Art, Media & Studio Arts classes of 2015 and runs from the 16 April 2016 to 29 May 2016.


Grace Notes


Year 9 student Grace Robinson has won the Australian Childrens Music Foundation National Songwriting Competition in the year 9 & 10 category.

Grace has recently been working with former PHSC student/music man, Connor Harry-Blackall (AKA Connor Black-Harry), at Decibels Records. They have spent long hours whacking, strumming and screeching to eventually produce a final mix of her new song "Apparently Not Yet". Conveniently, this was around the time of the ACMF National Songwriting Competition, which Grace then submitted this song into. And won!

Check out the song online and stay tuned for the final mix to come out in the not too distant future.


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