The purpose of this document is to assist you in selecting a Secondary school for your child. I am able to recommend Princes Hill Secondary College to you with confidence, knowing that the College is not only held in the highest esteem within the local community, but also has an enviable record of student achievement. One indicator of this esteem is that over a quarter of our parents are teachers, or have a background in education and that many of the College staff have chosen this school for their own children. Another is that the school has filled to its capacity for the past decade, with more enrolment enquiries than can be accommodated at all year levels. Princes Hill Secondary College has existed for over one hundred years and the College has always held a special place within the educational community due to its success in inspiring individual growth and achievement in all students. Department of Education and Early Childhood Development data has demonstrated that Princes Hill Secondary College students have achieved amongst the best overall VCE results for any comparable school population in the State.

The College is respected for its focus upon nurturing each student as an individual and being able to foster the particular talents and abilities of a richly diverse student community. The school takes pride in its egalitarian spirit and welcoming environment. Visitors always comment upon the warm, vibrant and family like quality of the school. The College also places a priority upon parent and community involvement. Parents are active participants in school programs and decision making. As a school with an enrolment ceiling, we are aware that many families are concerned that they may not be offered a place at Princes Hill. In keeping with DEECD policy, the College will allocate places on the basis of prescribed criteria. You will find specific details of these and our application process elsewhere on this site. If you need assistance with this process, please contact the school and ask for the Transition Coordinator. “You do not need to live in the immediate vicinity of the school to be offered a place.”  The aim of education is to foster and prepare children for a successful, rewarding and affirming life. The success of a school should be measured by much more than the demand for places and academic and other successes.

The proudest achievement of this school is the warmth, sense of belonging and purpose which is so evident within our community. You will find described on this site our school’s dedication and success in achieving this goal. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the Princes Hill Secondary College community.

Trevor Smith