The driver of the BYOD project at PHSC is to provide students with the opportunity for more personalised learning by having access to technology both at home and at school. This program will promote individual, differentiated learning for each student at the college. We seek to explore the opportunities of BYOD in the lifelong learning for students, and are confident in being able to enhance their learning outcomes with the use of technology in the 21st Century.


Parents are responsible to purchase the most suitable device for their child from any reputable retailer. We strongly recommend that as with any significant purchase, parents consider their own need for warranty or insurance.

New to BYOD?
Step 1: Click here for the  BYOD Information document.
Step 2: Source a device. Click here to view our Recommendations page.
Step 3: Print, discuss with your child and both sign the BYOD User Agreement which should be read in conjunction with the Internet Acceptable Use policy.

Students should bring the completed form along to the school IT Support Desk during the first Week of school.

Note: Continued access to the College network is dependent upon a signed agreement being on file.

Step 4: Register your device. Bring it along to the BYOD Support Desk for registration.
Already a part of the BYOD program, but have a new device?
  Register your device. Bring it along to the BYOD Support Desk in the Library for registration.