Direct Enrolment

Princes Hill Secondary College continues to experience significant enrolment pressures, and like any other Victorian secondary government school, follows a priority order of placement where there are insufficient places for all students who are seeking entry.  Princes Hill Secondary College has currently exceeded our enrolment capacity and applies the priority order as described on the Enrolment page.


Curriculum Grounds is currently only applied for Primary School Transition Enrolments at Princes Hill Secondary College (Grade 6 to Year 7). It is is not currently being applied to Direct Enrolments at the school because of capacity constraints.

Fairness and Equity in Enrolment Process

School enrolment practices must be fair, equitable and comply with state and federal laws. Factors such as ability, history of behaviour or level of engagement with education are irrelevant factors for placement decisions. The Department of Education Placement Policy and priority order of placement ensures schools enrol students in a way that is fair, equitable and lawful.

Further information about fair, equitable and lawful enrolment practices is available at:


Parents/Carers are able to appeal against a school’s decision to not provide a placement.

Appeals are to be made in writing and lodged with the school at which the student has been unsuccessful in seeking a placement. Appeals are considered by the school’s placement committee and/or Principal, and the school’s decision will be communicated to the parent/carer in writing. In assessing the appeal, the school will check to ensure compliance with the priority order of placement, and the processes for verifying permanent address, as appropriate.

If the appeal at the school level is unsuccessful and parents/carers are not satisfied that their appeal has been adequately considered, they are able to escalate the appeal to the relevant Regional Director, by lodging an appeal in writing. Appeals are considered by a panel of senior regional staff which then provides advice and a recommendation to the Regional Director who makes the final decision. This concludes the appeal process.

Pre-Enrolment Form

Please complete the online PHSC Pre-Enrolment Form if you believe that you meet the priority orders of placement as outlined above. This is a mandatory first step in all new enrolment enquiries at Princes Hill Secondary College. 

Prior to submitting the online form the Parent/Carer should make sure PDF version of the following documents are readily available for inclusion:

  • Proof of Residency Documentation
  • Student’s two most recent reports
  • Any Educational and/or Psychological Assessments (if applicable)

Submit Pre-Enrolment Form

Related Documents

The following Department of Education Policy and Information documents provide further information to support the process defined above for Princes Hill Secondary College: