Middle School: Year 9 and 10

Form 1C 1965

While PHSC follows the Victorian Curriculum at Year 9 and 10, the focus is on students having more choice in their program, and taking more responsibility for their learning as they develop a stronger sense of their interests and possible future pathways.

The Middle School Elective Program provides students with a wide array of subjects to select from covering Sport and PE, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Technology and Design, Languages, Information Technology and Financial Literacy. All students must select one Sport or Physical Education elective per year.

Year 10 Students may have the opportunity to study a VCE subject.

Click here to see an overview of the core Year 9 Program , and here for an overview of the core Year 10 Program. Click here for the Middle School Elective program overview.

SubjectPeriods Per Fortnight
(50 minutes)
Elective 18
Elective 27
Elective 37

Year 9 Grow Week

The Year 9 Grow Week program runs at the end of Term 2 and is aimed at developing students’ decision making skills so as to facilitate their personal, academic, social and political growth.  Through a week of excursions and incursions students will be encouraged to use the seeds of opportunity to become informed and aware of their sense of self, others and place in the wider world.

Year 10 Careers Program and Work Experience

Year 10 Students participate in a Careers Program designed to help them identify careers of interest and possible pathways. They undertake a week of Work Experience to gain insight into various professions. These programs help students select the VCE subjects most suited to their strengths, interests and goals.

Year 9 and 10 Camps

Year 9 Students have the opportunity to participate in the Wilderness Week program at the end of the year. Wilderness Week options include Cradle Mountain, Surf Camp, Wilson’s Prom, Horse Riding, Sea Kayaking, and Rock Climbing.

The goals of Wilderness Week are to develop an appreciation of wilderness values, build self sufficiency, challenge oneself mentally and physically, develop resilience and build teamwork skills.

Year 9 and 10 students may attend the Middle School Snow Sports Camp. Students stay on Mount Buller for this camp and participate in a range of downhill snow activities.

Middle School students taking Italian or French may participate in Study Tours for that subject to either Italy or New Caledonia. The trips run in alternate years.

Several of the elective have their own dedicated camp, including Boot Camp and Outdoor Education.

Assessment and Reporting

Click here for an overview of Assessment and Reporting at PHSC.