PHSC Contact Details

Address: Arnold Street, Carlton North, 3054
Phone: 9389 0600
Fax: 9387 0108
Office hours are from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm
Student hours are from 8:30 am to 3:05 pm

School Contacts

Principal: Trevor Smith

Assistant Principal: Margaret Fry

Assistant Principal: Kim Gray

Child Safety Officer: Margaret Fry

Student Wellbeing: Felicity Marlowe

School Council President: Mark Wilkinson

School Council Parent Members

Josephine Byrt

Sam Cunningham

Jeroen Kramer

Suzanne Robinson

Ian Wilson

School Council Student Members

Atticus Anderson Prior

Ada Duffy

DET Members

Anthony Avotins

Margaret Fry

Trevor Smith

For student welfare or academic progress your first contact should be with the Year Level Leader

Sub School Leader [Junior School] Anna Vaxalis 9389 0691

Year 7 Year Level Coordinator Ms Agne Douvartzidis 9389 0638

Year 8 Year Level Coordinator Ms Anna Tilley 9389 0641

Sub School Leader [Middle School] Mr Baden Small 9389 0692

Year 9 Year Level Coordinator Mr Jamiel Sabbagh 9389 0606

Year 10 Year Level Coordinator Ms Courtney Guthrie 9389 0656

Sub School Leader [Senior School] Ms Dani Crew 9389 0623

Year 11 Year Level Coordinator Mr Murray Mathieson 9389 0607

Year 12 Year Level Coordinator Mr Andrew Kemp 9389 0654

VCAL Coordinator: Sue Tyrie 9389 0661

For Individual faculty information

Arts: Julie Davies/Natalie Papak

Drama: Tracy Carroll

English: Sophia Peters

Humanities: Sasha Kober

LOTE: Pinetta Filardo

Mathematics: Stav Stefano

Music: Nick Taylor

PE & Sport: Ben Gobbo

Science: Elle Borgese

Technology: Simone Gatt

For other information

Daily Organiser: Susie Lauer

Teaching and Learning Coordinator: Amber Strantzen

Information & Communication Technology: Peter Wood

Library: Marina Mafani

Business Manager: Michelle Westlake

Literacy Coordinator: Bianca Carr

International Student Coordinator: Margaret Fry

Senior Pathways, VET, Careers and Transition Coordinator: Maria Floudiotis